We are excited to announce the return of the Tried & Tested Dungarvan Triathlon on 11th September 2021 at Clonea Strand. Race entry is via the Triathlon Ireland Race Calendar page (www.triathlonireland.com) and the entry fee is €65 per athlete or relay team. The distance this year is sprint only. Please find below some of the key facts and figures in relation to this years event. More details (parking, directions etc) will be sent out via EMail to all entries in the Race Briefing pack prior to the event.

Swim course

Swim will be a rolling start split into separate waves

T1 Swim to Bike

Bike route

Bike route. Once out of transition, there is a light pull up to the roundabout where you will take the 3rd exit east towards Tramore. There is a tight chicane about 500m in but after that the road is fairly straight and flat until you can see the sea on your right. the road then bends left at Ballyvoile cove and you start an uphill pull with the steepest section just after the majestic old railway bridge (now part of the Waterford greenway) on your left. Up out of the saddle here until you dip down into Durrow which is a popular stop for Greenway go-ers with the café on the right and the Greenway carpark on the left. After short descent, it’s time for the next uphill section through Stradbally Quarry up to the turnaround point at the Stradbally 5-crossroads. On the return leg, there are 2 sharp right hand bends on the steepest part of the descent at the old railway bridge so look out for those. Once you see the sea on your right, it’s time to get the head down and drive it on home back to Clonea where the run leg awaits!

T2 Bike to Run

Run route

Run route. The run is a 5.5km route starting out from Clonea beach back towards Dungarvan but taking the first left down towards the Gold Coast road. Another left at the T junction when you hit the waters edge to bring you up to the Gold Coast Hotel where the road bends left. There is a bit of a pull up the hill at this stage while the golf course is on your right. Right at the next T junction which then becomes a left bend and then a downhill section towards Ballinclamper beach. There is then a pedestrian walkway entrance on the left just before you hit the beach which is narrow but completely flat and brings you back out onto the road to Clonea Hotel. Please be aware of maintaining social distance from people walking on the path and move out onto the grass at the side of the path to give them right of way. There is a crossroads about halfway along the path. Keep going straight across this road and stay on the walkway. When you hit the Clonea road, there is no option to go straight. Take a right and run back towards Clonea Beach and the finish!